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What;s the storywith 2.0?

	What is the real story with debian 2.0? IE when ill it be released? I
	have a 1.2 system that I want to upgrade, but I need it to be
	dependable, so I am waiting for the final release.

	I keep seeing messages abut bugs that *must* be fixed, yet I notice the
	next genertaion of Debian "slink" continues to grow on the ftp site.

	I was brought to debian by 2 things. One was the package system/upgrade
	handling, but the other was that at the time I was looking Debian was
	the only release with full elf.

	Is debian now trailing the stae of the art (libc6) instead of leading?
	Shouldn't more effort be being put on fixing thes bugs, and not on
	geting the developers still furthe away from the users?

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