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Re: whoop

I dont want to get into OS Politics NOR start a war on what hardware you
should buy.  

	I just want help and not a lecture on what hardware i should

On Sat, 2 May 1998, Shaleh wrote:

> You missed the point -- we as a community MUST NOT support hardware
> vendors who do not return the support.  The economy is a consumer driven
> one.  If we ALL stand up and refuse to buy hardware that is not
> supported things will change.  Otherwise hardware like the winmodems
> will continue.  Instead of asking "is this supported", you know when you
> buy that it would work.  When win95 came out, people could only buy
> win95 hardware -- or they had problems.  They did not buy it AND then
> complain.  It was marked on the box "win95 compliant".  Support you OS. 
> Support those who support us.
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