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Re: HTML in e-mail

>>>>> "KT" == Kevin Traas <ktraas@uniserve.com> writes:

KT> Anyway, they've all been happy with those, but now, with the advent of
KT> HTML e-mail, they're now requesting that I rewrite things so that they get
KT> my e-mail reports in HTML format.  i.e. they want the "prettied up".

Do you have to bother yourself with such stupid? Tell them that you have
more important things to do. Like keeping the system up. If you waste your 
time with HTML stuff, there could occur some strange fs errors on some
users homedirectories... <eg>

KT> My question is...  Where do I go for info on how to do this?

KT> Right now, my Perl scripts just build a text file and then use `mail` to
KT> send the file to multiple recipients....  I've looked at HTML e-mail
KT> messages and it's special header info that defines the message as being in
KT> HTML format. So...

Since you use perl, check the MIME::* modules at CPAN. You could also use
CGI.pm to create the HTML tags easily.


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