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Re: StarOffice 4.0 *.deb

>>>>> "GK" == G Kapetanios <gk205@cus.cam.ac.uk> writes:

GK> files. The net installlation takes up about 110 Mb, the user about 88 Mb
GK> obviously muh is common between the two. As I did not know that and did

One of the stardevision developers has set up a homepage with tips for
SO4. There is one file, which makes the amount of data each user has to
hold in his dir *much* smaller. Unfortunately, I don't have the URL any
more, but I have saved that file :-)

GK> tried user installation again . It did not let me saying it was already
GK> installed. OK fair enought I delete everything from ./usre/local 

Did you check for ~/.so4 or ~/.staroffice4 or such some.

Just for the record: SO4 runs flawless (well, it eats all swap, when I run 
xemacs, gnus, netscape 4 and so4 [ 48 MB + 32 MB swap] :-\ ), but no
segfaults and such.

I am running hamm.


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