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Re: StarOffice 4.0 *.deb

>    Yes, it's still using dselect, but you can use it once. ;-)

i can use dselect for most things ... i just prefer not to :-), i find
dpkg causes me less pain.

>    Yes, that is the S)elect function's default behavior.  Just update
> your package files, choose S)elect, press space to get out of that help
> screen, and then smack return.  It should throw you out to the main menu
> and then if you I)nstall it'll only update files which you have
> installed on your system. 

cool, thanks.

>    The only "gotcha" to the above might be if there is dependency
> problems; in that case when you smack return it will toss you to one or
> more screens to resolve dependencies instead of sending you out to the
> main menu. 

yep, i can deal with that.

>    Sounds odd.  But yes, updating your libraries probably couldn't hurt
> (note I did say "probably" ;-). 

heh.  well there's always room to make this stuff fun...

thanks for the tips,


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