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Re: StarOffice 4.0 *.deb

Just my two ccents: I installed StarOffice 4.0 in the /home/damir/ directory
by using the install script that came in the original tarball without any
problems whatsoever. I don't pretend to know how this works, but it does :-)
Also, I have fetched URW fonts (link from the gimp site) and installed them in
the X11R6 tree, symlinked them to the staroffice tree and edited fonts file
for the staroffice and it worked as a charm.
I have two unresolved things, though:
a) did anyone get efax to work with staroffice 4.0 (so I can fax from within
the document..)
b) did anyone get lucida fonts to work in the StarWriter4.0 (I can get pretty
much all the fonts to work including lucida in the presentation part of the
StarOffice and in the Spreadsheet....)


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