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Re: StarOffice 4.0 *.deb

> I used the staroffice 4 installer from hamm and had no problems.  I had
> some unrelated disk problems later and reinstalled hamm.  This time I
> installed 3.0. 

hmm, i had problems getting 3.0 to work.  it gave me so errors about not
having the my environment setup correctly and to run a setup program
first.  and when i ran the setup program *it* segfaulted on me.

i'm wondering if it just doesn't like me ... or if maybe i have a library

> However it looks like the 4.0 installer is no longer in the hamm
> distribution (??) 

so you still have a copy of the version 4 .deb installer?  if so could you
mail it to me?



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