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Re: pppd and fetchmail OR ip-up.d and ip-down.d

Paul Serice <ugs@laci.net> writes:

> I'm just now noticing two new directories in /etc/ppp called
> "ip-up.d" and "ip-down.d".  They look like they have scripts that
> will be run automatically?
> Currently, the only scripts I have in there are fetchmail scripts.
> From the looks of it, they have fetchmail poll the server every 5
> minutes.  I don't particularly like this and am writing to make sure
> this script is not being run.

Do you run fetchmail with the -d option?

I use the above directories for both PPP and ISDN and never got such a
problem.  I have scripts for fetching news and fetching mail in these
directories and it works fine.

If you really want nothing to be run, delete all the files in
/etc/ppp/ip-{up,down}.d .  You can also rename them to appear as
backup files (~ at the end) as run-parts seems to ignore them (as well
as *.dpkg-{old,dist,new} files).


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