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Re: IP Masq and users

"Breathnach, Proinnsias (Dublin)" <breatpro@MLE.CO.UK> writes:

> Anyway what I need is to ask all users connecting (from any of the
> client machines (2 * W95, 1 * Linux) to 'login' before they're
> allowed net access (mainly for monitoring - who's running up the
> usage bill etc.)  Is there an easy way to do this ?, the HOWTO
> doesn't seem to mention requiring passwords for access, but I might
> have missed it !

Maybe you can use firewalls for doing this.  Initially, no user is
allowed to use your computer as gateway.  If someone is logging in,
you add a firewall rule for this user which is deleted upon logonout.

Unfortunately, I never dealed with firewalls yet.  The most difficult
problem seems to be how to determine the ip-address of a telnet
connection.  The hostname in the output of who is limited on libc5
machines (with libc6 it seems to be limited to 256 characters which is
enough for almost any hostname).


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