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Re: Linux as a eMail/Internet server.

Alistair Phillips writes:
> Hi there fellow Linux fans (Debian and the like!)
> About 6 months ago I stumbled upon the greatest find of my life.  Someone
> had told me about a wonderful OS that multitasked great, handled 100's of
> users, had very little requiremets and was a all round OS for anyone.  So,
> I downloaded Debain GNU Linux and gave it a try.  I was most impressed by
> it AND by the help I got from this list.  Via this list I managed to get a
> copy of tri-linux for free (postage included to South Africa).  I now have
> a great little 386 running Debian Linux that I use to fiddle with.  I now
> consider myself quite an "expert" with it :)
> I am only 16 years old and do WWW site design, computer repairs and
> installations, etc...  I am currently working at a Computer Resourse
> Centre.  We have decided to get an account with the Western Cape Schools
> Network (as we are part of a school) which offers UUCP email with a domain
> (i.e user@mydomain.wcape.school.za) for a negligible amount.  The software
> that they recomend for Windows will cost us a fortune.  They have not
> suggested anything else in the way of software.  I then sugested to the
> owner about Linux.  I spent the day explaining to him all about it.  He was
> very impressed and said that it would be a great option to think about...
> We have about 20 + computers ranging from P100's to P200's.  They all have
> win95 osr 1 or 2 and NE2000 compliant network cards.  The network is
> running on Windows IPX stuff.  (Totally a microsoft network).  We would
> like to have the Linux server dial up as needed to offer email (via uucp)
> and internet access (via ppp) for the pupils/customers.  I want UUCP to
> dial up on a schedule and have the ppp connection connect when needed (ie
> when Netscape for IE starts on the win95 computer)
> I was hoping that someone out there may be able to help me through this and
> give me (step my step!) instructions or better ideas on what to do.  
> I was going to create an account for all of the students on the Linux box
> and get UUCP to filter email accordingly.  Then I was going to run a pop
> server (slakware has one "built in") on the Linux side and let the
> computers "connect" via the network to Linux with Outlook express and get
> the users email.  
> The Linux box will NOT have a direct connection to the Internet.  I have
> managed to get a PPP connection with my ISP at home with Netscape on X.
> That is as far as i have gotten!  
> I would appreciate ANY help that I can get.  I am not on this list, so
> could you please maybe email me at phiali@bigfoot.com

Let's see if I understand this correctly: 

ISP <-- UUCP --> LINUX <-- network --> win95 boxes

If the above is correct,

1) to satisfy the UUCP requirement, you will need to install the UUCP & CRON
packages (plus whatever else they may need in support)

2) to satisfy the network requirement, you will need a POP3 server (plus
whatever else it needs in support) PLUS you have to have networking installed
and configured. (ie. you can telnet to the LINUX box from a MSDOS window on a
win95 machine, ping both ways, etc.)

3) to glue it together, you will need an MTA (mail transfer agent) like

Assuming that all configuration is correct, "cron" will periodically start the
"uucico" agent. "uucico" will exchange mail with the ISP. When finished,
"uucico" will invoke "uuxqt" which will in turn invoke "rmail". "rmail" is a
link to the MTA. Thus "uuxqt" invokes "sendmail".

The typical win95 setup assumes that you are the only user of the system. So
the easiest way to glue the POP3 side is to assign accounts for each machine
on the LINUX side and let the POP3 server do it's thing. "fetchmail" is a
client, not a server. Try "qpopper". 

Something else that you may want to consider is installing "samba" and using
the LINUX box as a printer server as well. 8-)

> Linux rulezzzzz

No question about that!

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