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Re: Windoze 95 is not multi-tasking, it just pretends it is multitasking.


On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Michael Beattie wrote:

> > Well, IE 4 with Active Desktop is a piece of sh*t. I installed it on the
> > machine of my girl friend,and she wanted me to remove it instantly. With all
> > those circles and orange buttons, you can't find the folders and files any
> > more...
> Whoa... hey, A little exploring yeilds options to turn that crap off...
> Then there is the "Make all folders like this one" button..
Since This thread refuses to die....
This all reminds me of a recent article I read on why "Today's PCs 
are the most crash-prone ever built." which happens to be the
exact reason I think Windows 95 is not all that bad.
The idea is simple...The "average user" is that guy who wants to
turn the powe r on, see the lights flash, send some e-mail, do some
things and play some games.
If it crashes now and again it is not  abig deal, its just a minor
(Unless you are Bill Gates and it BSODs while you are demonstrating
it at a press conference :) )
I am not saying that I personally like Win95. I love computers and
use them because I enjoy understanding them and being able to
"command" them to work my way....I am not the average user

> But hey, Winslow is no match for Linux... JavaOS etc... (Hell, I hate to
> say it, but _sometimes_ the MacOS is better.. even though it is incredibly
> patronizing)
heh I can't stand MacOS (and I am offically the "Mac Guy" at work..
whenever a Mac users computer needs work they say..."Mac Tech Support
um yea HE is over there") I mean it works but...its "too cute"
of course...
I just plain use too mny systems...
linux at home (and at work on my PC)..Win95, MacOS, Win3.1, 
VMS, terminal Servers (LATs are cool)....
at least with mac OS I don't see a command prompt and have
to think "UM ok...which command set this time?" and "D'ho ls 
doesn't work in DOS"
"Why is the backspace actin g even stranger than in a poorly setup
XTerm?" (if you think seeing ^H on a screen is bad....imaging
backspace sends your cursor back to the begining of the line without
having the god damned common courtesy to erase what you typed)
oh well...what was this thread about? and um..why is it here?
- -Steve 

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