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Printer now printing properly HOWTO suggests "magic filter"?

I was reading the HOWTO for printing (which was quite helpful) and it was
telling me I needed filters to get my printer to behave (it prints in the
staircase method)

this is 
not printing 
the way it should be

Print out:

this is
		not printing
				the way it should

As I said the HOWTO said something about using filters to fix this, and
that the magic filter (by B.A. McCawley) was available on the net.  (This
filter seemed to cover many formats, which I would like to support.) Is
there a way I can get a Debian package and use dselect to install it that
will be magicfilter / do the same thing as magicfilter does? Or do I
already have one? I have the "Official" Debian 1.3.1 Binay and Source disks
from lsl.com,  perhaps they contain magic filter in a Debian package?  

Also, I would like to recompile my kernel, I have done this with Slakware,
durring its install I told it to install the kernel source, once in the
system I changed to the soucre directroy and ran "make menuconfig", how do
I do this in Debian? 


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