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Re: [OFF TOPIC] Linus Torvalds, the man of the century

>>"Orn" == Orn E Hansen <oehansen@nettaxi.com> writes:

Orn> Voting for Linus Tolrvalds is not a good idea.  The man is not a
Orn> Titan, in any sense of the word... even less than Bill Gates.

	Says who? Who died and made you god?

Orn> Making such silly votes, is sure to disrubt the balance and help
Orn> put Bill Gates up on the list, or is *that* your intent? to make
Orn> your favourite maggot "Bill Gates" the Titan of the century? Do
Orn> you have the "hots" for the man?

	Silly? You have the gall to tell people how to vote, and you
 call people voting for someone they prefer silly?

Orn> People like Henry Ford, and Douglas McArthur are far greater
Orn> Titans, who are among those candidates people *should* spend
Orn> their votes on.  Not on anal jokes, just because they have the
Orn> "hots" for'em.

	anal jokes? "hots"? What kind of deranged reality is this
 coming from?

 Many of those dressed in the yellow robe are evil and unrestrained,
 and the evil end up in hell because of their evil deeds. 307
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