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Re: (RFD) New list proposal - debian-unstable@lists.debian.org

> Currently it seems to me that debian-devel is serving two unrelated
> purposes.  On the one hand it is a forum for developers to pick each
> others brains, and ask opinions of interested debian users.
> On the other hand, it also serves to monitor the status of the frozen and
> unstable distributions.

The idea of categorizing subjects by making multiple lists (or newsgroups)
is always appealing but seldom successful.  When the purpose behind a
list is not completely separate (and clearly separate, I might add), then
people are unsure where to post and then often post to them all.

Also, if we assume that people don't subscribe to both, then posting to
only one won't reach everyone and so much still be posted to both.  For
example, every week I have an automated post that tell which release-
necessary bugs are still open.  I want all developers to see this because
I want to encourage fixes from everyone -- not just the maintainers.  Thus,
I would have to include debian-devel even though it is obviously just
for the second list you describe.

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

        Premature optimization is the root of all evil.  -- Donald Knuth

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