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Re: (RFD) New list proposal - debian-unstable@lists.debian.org

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998, Jules Bean wrote:

> Hi!
> Currently it seems to me that debian-devel is serving two unrelated
> purposes.  On the one hand it is a forum for developers to pick each
> others brains, and ask opinions of interested debian users.
> On the other hand, it also serves to monitor the status of the frozen and
> unstable distributions.
> I suggest a new list for this second purpose - tracking bugs and problems
> with the unstable (or, currently, frozen) release.  Things like 'package X
> has broken, or is it just me?'.  Like the recent grep problem, which
> caused me to post this (and also the xlib6 thing of a week ago, which
> caused me to subscribe myself to devel in the first place).
> Thoughts?

Yes, very good. This has been mentioned various times before and I have
never heard any complaints against such an idea apart from the everlasting
"we don't need another list".


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