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Re: Threading list subjects?

On 9 Apr 1998, Mike Miller wrote:

>     > Is Gnus able to use the References: line in mail messages
>     > to thread?
> Yes, Gnus uses the Reference: header(s) to build threads.  If
> references aren't available, it does what it can using Subject:
> headers.  It can also use "fuzzy" matching of subjects - sort of
> a noise filter to make guesses about what might be related to
> what.

I've put off learning Emacs for too long.  Sounds like I'm just
re-inventing the wheel with the mail to news thing.

>     > I still do this with debian-user-digest, splitting the
>     > digest and adding a dummy Message-ID and some other fields
>     > to keep the news system happy.
> The debian-user-digest that I get already has Message-ID's.

Yeah, mine too.  The only digests I have to dummy up a msg-id for are
the vger lists, like kernel-digest.

>     > I wonder if not snipping the References line would be
>     > useful to anybody else?
> I think that would be handy.


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