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Re: upgrading kernel info

On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Jack Varga wrote:

> I'm looking for specific info on getting the code for 
> and building a more recent kernel.  What all is entailed?  
> Will I need to first upgrade dkpg?  Do I need to say 
> goodbye to all my apps with libc5 dependencies?  

Several versions of the kernel are included in 1.3.1 including 2.0.29,
and 2.0.32 and 2.0.33.  I would suggest that you use .32 as it is,
overall, more stable than .33

> My initial install was done from the InfoMagic cd set,
> forth quarter 97.  First quarter 98 didn't include
> Debian and I'm not about to chage distributions.  What's
> up with InfoMagic and why aren't they including Debian
> any longer?
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> Jack Varga
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George Bonser 
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