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upgrading kernel info

I've been a 2.0.30 kernel (Debian 1.3.1) user for a 
few months now and have stumbled across a couple of 
apps that suggest a kernel update, (ftape, xtvscreen 
to name a few).  All of the references I can find from 
debian.org refer only to the Debian release and not 
the kernel version.  

I'm looking for specific info on getting the code for 
and building a more recent kernel.  What all is entailed?  
Will I need to first upgrade dkpg?  Do I need to say 
goodbye to all my apps with libc5 dependencies?  

My initial install was done from the InfoMagic cd set,
forth quarter 97.  First quarter 98 didn't include
Debian and I'm not about to chage distributions.  What's
up with InfoMagic and why aren't they including Debian
any longer?


Jack Varga
No house should ever be on any hill or on anything.  It 
should be of the hill, belonging to it.  
                           -- Frank Lloyd Wright
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