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Re: I love Bill!

On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Ian Keith Setford wrote:

> Yo-
> I have had a moment of clarity this morning and I have "seen the light"!!
> No longer will I be a part of the Debian community because its purpose is
> flawed.  I will run Microsoft Win95 from now on!  So Win95 crashes all the
> time, at least I can through to their tech-support when I need to.
> Someday maybe all of you will return to a real OS.
> -Ian 
>  (.sig removed)

I really enjoy his wonderful nonoperating system! It give me so many
chances to waste hours trying to undo the things it decides are best
for me.

And Internet Destroyer IV, what a lovely browser for ALL my computing

Why just last week I lost about three days to trying to undo the things
he did to my system without asking. I really love that. I think I will
rush out and buy a couple more systems, so I can fill up the rest of
my spare time. No more boring days. Every day will be lived to it's
fullest. WOW!

No wonder BILL is the only game in town!

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