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Re: mozilla.deb, get it while its hot

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Peter S Galbraith wrote:

> At my lab, after installing MS-Outlook as the `corporate EMail system',
> the Informatics guy send 200 users a document explaining that each user 
> had a 20 MB mailbox limit and explained how to automatically delete `old'
> mail.  
> His 1-page note was sent as a 1MB Word document filling up 5% of everyone's
> mailbox, using up a lot of ressources to send in 200 copies!

Well, I can tell you that where I work (not for Philips actually, don't
blame them.) 15,000 other people work. And yes, we do get sent word
documents by the mass. The address list they use for that purpose is split
on alphabet. The result is that the word document is not the biggest part,
the header is: 300KB just for the letter k. Add to that the size of the
body and multiply by 15,000 <sigh>



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