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Re: I love Bill!

W Paul Mills wrote:
> I really enjoy his wonderful nonoperating system! It give me so many
> chances to waste hours trying to undo the things it decides are best
> for me.

:) Windowsn't 4.0 is a huge beast that has not too much more 
dis-functionality than Lose95..

> And Internet Destroyer IV, what a lovely browser for ALL my computing
> needs.

Ah.. good old Internet Exploder...

> Why just last week I lost about three days to trying to undo the things
> he did to my system without asking. I really love that. I think I will
> rush out and buy a couple more systems, so I can fill up the rest of
> my spare time. No more boring days. Every day will be lived to it's
> fullest. WOW!
> No wonder BILL is the only game in town!

Big Bill.. He da man! :)

He's also scared.. I heard from my contact at Intel that they (MS)
are now going over Mozilla sources on their Linux boxen (they 
seem to be using RH :( ), trying to see how much this will hurt them..
Gotta love it..


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