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dpkg options

The man page for dpkg says it's inaccurate and also out of date.  Is
there an updated man page somewhere?  I was just wondering if there might
be some options for the program that are not listed in the man or --help
pages.  For example, is there an option to get the long description of an
installed package (as opposed to the output of -l)?  Is there a way to list
the packages that depend on a certain installed package, and a way to list
the packages that a certain installed package depends on?  I suspect that
these options may just be undocumented.  If they don't exist, they probably
should; all this info is available in /var/lib/dpkg/status (and besides, I
think you can do these things with rpm, and I wouldn't want that tool to
out-do dpkg in any way ;-).

Phil Garcia

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