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sdram and linux #2

Thanks for all the replies.

I can appreciate the possibility of the hdd going bad, but
it has been operating flawlessly before and after trying to
use the sdram, but that doesn't exclude the possibility.  Tried
the old mem and both the .30 and .33 kernels this morning 
with absolutely no problems.

I don't find any specific settings for the sdram in the 
system bios and what there is of a handbook for this
generic motherboard (430vx)isn't much.  The #1 suspect, I think, 
is an  incompatibility with the m-board and, #2 would be
a bad chip.  

I'll try a different type of sdram or use it
in a win95 box. What's a few extra crashes,   
I don't use it very often, anyway.

tony mollica

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