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Unidentified subject!

I do mail through an ISP.  Messages are cached on my machine until I connect
via ppp to my ISP.  Incoming mail is snarfed off a POP server, until
recently by fetchmail.

About a month and a half ago, I upgraded smail and fetchmail simultaneously.
Since that time, I have consistently not been able to use fetchmail.
Fetchmail gives me the following error:

>  reading message 1 of 5 (1595 bytes) fetchmail: SMTP connect to localhost
>  failed: Unknown error -1
>  fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from mail.netpci.com:
>  Unknown error -1

Fetchpop works ok.

Thinking I wanted to see if the sendmail package now has a better install
script, I have now uninstalled smail, and installed sendmail.  I think I am
over my heard.  The main problem I had finally solved with smail has
returned: the failure to deliver messages off my machine to any email
address that is on the same mail server (my isp domain name).  The mail
transport software doesn't find the user on my machine so returns the
message as undeliverable.

Thanks to a number of people on this list, I had solved this problem using

I now seek advice concerning this (these) current plight(s), as it hasn't
wanted to go away, no matter how many times I upgrade either fetchmail or
smail, nor even when I install sendmail---which has led to a number of other

Alan Davis

"Our loyalties are to the species and the       Alan E. Davis            
planet.  We speak for Earth. Our                adavis@netpci.com
obligation to survive is owed not just to       Marianas High School      
ourselves but also to that Cosmos, ancient      AAA196, Box 10001         
and vast, from which we spring."                Saipan, MP  96950         
                                                Northern Mariana Islands  
       ---Carl Sagan                            GMT+10                    

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