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Re: TRANSLATION Re: the instructions for win95 under dosemu

Alexander List writes:

> Hi,
> did you yourself try this? I installed a minimal Win95 on my C partition
> and used the dosemu.conf mentioned. After disabling the mode con codepage
> prepare stuff in autoexec.bat, Windows starts and then tells me
> (in German), "You can now turn off your computer." 

As I worte earlier today, this is exactly what happened to me.

Let's analise this situation. I'm not making any judgement,
please. I'm just exploring all the possibilities. "him" is the guy who
has that pages:

1) It works for him

1.A) works in his configuration of hardware and not mine
     Hard to be. He said three different computers...

1.B) works in his configuration of software and not mine

1.B.i) his dosemu works but mine does not

1.B.i.a) his version of dosemu woks and mine not
         it's hard that since his version till mine dosemu had been
         made worse, but it would be interesting if a bug in that
         particular version would make it possible to run Win95
         :^>. Do you have a system where you can you test that
         particular version of DosEmu? Is is possible to find this
         version on the net?

1.B.i.b) his dosemu.conf woks and mine not
         hard to be. I checked about everything (I did not actually
         use his. I changed mine).

1.B.ii) other OS components in his computers make it work, and mine do
not have the right components
         well, my system is a hamm... things should work ok... And
         they do!

1.C) works in his Windows and not mine
     it could even be that he has a version of windows that allows him
     to do it. Microsoft could even have realized that Win 95 could
     run inside an DPMI emulated system and put some nasty calls to be
     sure it would not happen. Another thing: he might be using the
     portuguese version... and that could be different.

2) It doesn't work for him

2.A) he is mistaken

2.B) he is lying
     To lie is a bad thing, but people do it. Things that make me
     particularly suspicious in this case are:
     - when one of these things happen in a linux community, everybody
       gets to know about it. And so many people are involved in the
       dosemu project that it's hard to beleive this would be
       concealed for so long (look at the version of DosEmu he uses:
       it's old...).
     - in his dosemu.conf it is said bootA !
     - he never bothered translating the page
     - windows, AFAIK, needs ring 0, and dosemu does not do ring 0. Period.

Well, anyway I hope someone implements a ring 0 emulation inside
dosemu. Shouldn't be that hard: whenever the program asks to go to
ring 0, DosEmu would intervent (which he already does), and enter in
an emulater mode - sort of a JIT compiler, much like what java JIT
compilers do. When the programs gets out of ring 0, dosemu would go
back to normal.

And, of course: if you get to run Windows 95 inside dosemu, tell to
the world!

> Alex

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> Windows 95:
> n. 32 bit extensions and a graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an
> 8 bit operating system originally coded for a 4 bit microprocessor,
> written by a 2 bit company, that can't stand 1 bit of competition.

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