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TRANSLATION Re: the instructions for win95 under dosemu

Here it goes.

It comes from: http://www.pro-unix.org/~puma/

I translated the most important items: 2, 3 and 7.

Please, since I don't have time to deal with it, if you send the
author this translation, please give me credit. If you're putting this
info in another site on your own, please give credit both to the
author and me.

I'll test it too, since I'm VERY interested in that, but note that I
do not know if it works! I just translated...

If anything of the transation is not clear, feel free to email me. It
might have some typos, because I did it in 20 minutes :^>

Note that the author says that you should get his dosemu.conf... Go to
his page for that.



2. Does it really work?

I have tested in three machines, with the following configurations:

1. Pentium 166 MMX, 24 MB RAM and 4GB HD. 
2. 486 33, 8MB RAM and 340MB HD. 
3. DEC ALPHA 533, 64 MB RAM and 4GB HD. 

In all of them I got satisfatory results, but some people at Internet
say they could not do it. Unfortunatelly I did not gather data enough
to say for sure which configurations are ideal or not.


3. How do I do?

First get dosemu somewhere at Internet. In this very site you'll find
the version 0.64.3, which was the one I used to run Win 95 under
Linux. I beleive that any newer version will work with no problems. Be
sure you're logged as root. If not, use the command "su".

Install the tgz package with the pkgtool, go to the directory where
you unpacked, compile and install dosemu. Read the docs!

Now, get my <dosemu.conf>, and change it according to your
configuration. Don't worry, it's easy. The file comes full of
comments that will help you edit it. The most important lines are the
EMS, XMS and DPMI memories. Be sure to put 64Mb in each of them!

Important: Issue a "umount" in all the DOS partitions where you gave
access at dosemu.conf.

Make a 200 Mb swap space. I meant it! 200 Mb!

How? You don't need to use fdisk. Use the commands:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/swap1 bs=1024 count=100000 
mkswap /root/swap1 
swapon /root/swap1 

dd if=/dev/zero of=/root/swap2 bs=1024 count=100000 
mkswap /root/swap2 
swapon /root/swap2

Where /root/swap1 and /root/swap2 may be any file name, anywhere in
your file system, where you have 200 Mb of free space. To know the
free space, use the command "df".

Now, exit X-Windows, type "dos"... and wait! If everything is right at
dosemu.conf Windows 95 will init. That's all!


7. Little problems under DosEmu

1. It is impossible to format a disk inside dosemu (since it does not
implement the function int13, that both DOS and Windows use to format
2. cdrom does not work
3. Beleive it or not, it seems that's all! Win 95 works almost
normally under dosemu!


Luiz Otavio L. Zorzella                 Product Engineer
zorzella@conexware.com          http://www.conexware.com

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