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Re: the instructions for win95 under dosemu

On Thu, Mar 19, 1998 at 11:09:28AM -0800, Luiz Otavio L. Zorzella wrote:
> Milan Zimmermann writes:
> > Richard E. Hawkins Esq. wrote:
> >> 
> >> I went and largely read the instructions.  "largely" meaning that my spanish
> >> is very rusty, and this was in portugese :)
> I think I lost the original post, and cannot find the reference. Can
> you send to the list? I speak both Portuguese and Spanish, and maybe
> could help (if it's not that much text).

It was:

I take a look, but babelfish was very slow, and didn't know all words (I
ended up with a portugese/english mess).

The one thing I did understand was that you need 200 MB swap!

I knew that Windows is wasting resources, but...

(PS: There are several pages, but all are very short. Please post the
translation to this list, including the config files, thank you!)


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