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xlib6 missing from hamm?


I just installed hamm via a combination of floppies and FTP. I've just about
got everything I need done, except for one show-stopper: I need netscape to
do my work, I can't install netscape without the xlib6 package, and xlib6 is
AWOL from every debian mirror I checked.

Ack! Where is it? Might this have to do with the master machine crash last
week? Any idea when it'll be back? Anyone have a backup copy someplace?
Like I said, I really need this package... thanks for any help anyone can


(p.s. yes, I know it's probably somewhat unwise that one of our critical
applications only has a browser-based interface and no command-line
alternative... I intend to rectify that once I can find my way through the
really dense code...)

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