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Re: lilo, linux and win95

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, David Stern wrote:

> Someone responded to me personally:
> > David Stern, kotsya@u.washington.edu on 3/14/98 11:44 AM
> > >
> > >If you pick the mbr, say goodbye to your win95 bootloader, because lilo 
> > >will overwrite the win95 bootloader (you won't be able to boot win95).  
> > >Actually, there should be one backup copy to restore from.  However, if 
> > >you keep each os'es bootloader on their own partition, you can just 
> > >change the active (bootable) partition to get the other os, should lilo 
> > >fail for any reason.  This, you can safely and easily do with either 
> > >linux or dos fdisk, and this  eliminates the problem of one boot record 
> > >overwriting the other.

In lilo.conf, add:

And run lilo.  Note, change /dev/hda2 to your win95 partition and label
to win95 if you want.


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