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Re: disabling remote xdm logins

> ipfwadm -I -a reject -P udp -S -W eth0 -D 177

This only works for Linux, and only if IP Firewalling is enabled in the
kernel, right?  I need to be able to prevent xdm logins using the
"standard" xdm stuff on Linux and possibly some non-Linux systems.  Based
on the xdm documentation, it does seem like I should be able to disable
remote xdm logins using the Xaccess file.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to
configure xdm properly so that it will prevent remote xdm logins.

> (btw, it's not a broadcast -- the client sends a UDP broadcast.)

Yeah?  Heh, okay...my bad.  :)
So what actually happens?  Is the xdm on the local machine listening for
xdm requests?  Thanks for the info.


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