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Re: Installing with LS-120 drive

Neither my coworker nor I have been able to find the time to try
to attack the new problem - and I really don't know where to begin
at the moment.

We got a system installed using the LS120 drive and the hamm
installation disks (and I am will write
up a little HOWTO to describe it - since it was not entirely obvious
to me).  Since I have no experience with NT bootloader, I decided that
we should make a boot floppy.  However, after we did the "reboot the
computer step," the floppy would get the 'Loading..........' and then
reboot the machine.  I remember this behavior described on this
list, but have not had a chance to go through the lists archives

Thanks for any assistance,

Paul Rightley

On 02-Mar-98 Ben Pfaff wrote:
>    Thank you for your suggestion.  I managed to get the installation
>    to go (the kernel in the hamm boot floppies recognized the LS120
>    as /dev/hdc).  It took a bit of work (and we are now having another
>    tough problem), but it did work...
> Is this other problem something that I could help you with?  Sometimes
> these apparently difficult problems are simple if you know what's
> going on.

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