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Re: Installing with LS-120 drive

Thank you for the suggestion.  I got it to install without the
use of loadlin.  I made a rescue disk on a normal 1.44 floppy
and then put a debian/hamm/main/disks-i386/current tree on a
LS-120 and put resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin and base2_0.tgz in
the current directory.  Before "installing the kernel and
modules", I took out the 1.44 floppy and mounted the
LS-120 floppy.  Then the installation program installed
everything successfully.

Now the problem is that the machine reboots after "Loading...."
from the boot floppy produced during the installation.


On 28-Feb-98 shaul@rakefet.debian.org wrote:
>> I have persuaded a co-worker to install Debian on his machine.
>> However, he has a LS-120 drive (essentially a 120MB capacity
>> floppy) and no "normal" floppy drive.  I wrote a resc1440.bin
>> (from hamm/main/disks-i386/current) for him since rawrite2
>> will not work (apparently) with these disk drives.  The problem
>> is when it comes to install the kernel and modules on the HDD,
>> the system cannot mount the floppy drive.  I am trying to install
>> Debian on /dev/hdb (an IDE drive), and /dev/hda has a NT installation.
>> Any ideas how to overcome this?
> Perhaps by copying resc1440.bin from this LS drive to the HD, toghether with 
> loadlin; And running loadlin to boot into Linux ?
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