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Re: make-kpkg

>>"Ralph" == Ralph Winslow <ralphw@nac.net> writes:

Ralph> May I suggest that make-kpkg print a message when it sees that
Ralph> a kernel image exists in / and that it will therefore not
Ralph> complete the install?

	Ok, I've put in a warning message now.

Ralph> I don't recall putting vmlinuz in root on Jan 20,
Ralph> I've only used "make install" or make-kpkg in the past IIRC,
Ralph> but I could well be wrong about this and could easily imagine
Ralph> doing a "cp /usr/src/linux/vmlinuz /vmlinuz" if I didn't get
Ralph> the results I expected from one of those processes.

	Therein lies the problem. make install is not compatible with
 creating a kernel-image .deb package and installling that; anymore
 than compiling any program from source and running make install is
 compatible with installing the debian package.

	By running make install, either in the kernl source or in,
 say, sendmail sources, you are bypassing the debian package
 management system and rolling your own. Things may well break after

	So far, the script assumed that if you were rolling your own
 you obviously knew better than it did (on the principle that humans
 know best). In the future, it shall issue a diffident warning.

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