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Re: Terminal server

Chuck Peters wrote:
> Our livingston PM2e (30 port) has gone catatonic on us as we were
> attempting to renumber the IP's to move over to our new connectivity
> provided by West Chester Univ.  I have a trouble ticket into Livingston,
> but I fear we may have to ship the Port Monster back to livingston and
> experience an extended down time.  I have a couple of linux boxes set up
> their and could easily install 4 or more modems as a temporary measure. 
> The Port Monster (cthulhu.ccil.org) and the BSDi 3.1 Box (locke.ccil.org)
> use radius to authenicate logins.  The problem is I haven't set up
> radius before and I would like to have the Linux boxes act as the terminal
> servers for the BSD box.  Can this be done and how do I do it?



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