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Re: ipx_configure: socket: Invalid argument ?

Nils wrote:

> > of dpkg -l "*" says:
> > [...]
> > ii  ipx             1.0-1          Utilities to configure the kernel ipx interf
> > [...]
> These are the user level utilities to configure ipx interfaces.
> They still need an ipx-enabled kernel.
> The relevant test ist if the file /proc/net/ipx exists.
> Maybe you have ipx as a module, i.e. the file
> /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/misc/ipx.o? Then modprobe ipx will do it.

Yes, ipx was set up as a module.  I have loaded on a 2.0.32 kernel,
configured things, and added ipx into it.  ipx_configure now works.

However, I guess Debian's module configuration is not tied to
the options chosen for the kernel link (via make xconfig), so
now it's complaining about various modules that are no longer
found (like ipx, ne, arp, ...).  I can run modprobe I guess to
clean this up.  Before I do, I have 2 questions:

1) Given a kernel source .tar.gz, what is the accepted way to
   build a new kernel in Debian?
2) Now that I've done it in a way that bypasses dpkg, what should
   I do to make Debian completely happy again?  Modprobe?

Ideally, the modprobe would be driven by scripts that detected
the modules available in the currently-booted kernel, I feel.
I may have a go at doing this myself.


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