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RE: dpkg --help | less

> > And if I'm using bash? Sorry I can't try it out as I'm not in Linux at 
> > the moment.
> on my system dpkg --help | less works fine. The person who had trouble
> with it said it did not work for him/her. Now the problem would be because
> their dpkg --help writes to STDERR and not STDOUT. In which case & will
> trap them both in csh's.

Right. It was me who had the problem :) It seems it is considered a bug, as help should normally got to STDOUT.

> Bash on the otherhand uses numbers. From bash man pages STDERR is 2 but I
> have no idea how to use it.

I am a relative newbie, so haven't looked at other shells, so now I know what & does in csh :) 2 does the same in bash.


Ian W

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