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Re: Matrox mystique 220 problems

Mats.Bergman@saab.se writes:

> I have a Matrox mystique 220 videoboard. 
> I have used the xbase, xserver-svga ant the fonts from the bo-updates directory
> on the installation CD.
> I have only installed the standard components in dselect (exept for the X11
> stuff).
> Has anyone experienced the same problems, or have the slightest idea of what's
> wrong?

Yes.  You have a Matrox mystique 220; that's what's wrong.  Although
XFree86 3.3.1 can handle this, Debian 1.3(.x) ships with xfree86 3.3,
which can't handle this card.

Fortunately, however, all is not lost; I have this card and was using
it long before I upgraded to hamm.  You can see a post of mine about 
how I did it by pointing your browser to:


When I talk about the "standard XFree86 3.3.1" in that message, I mean
the Linux XFree86 3.3.1 binaries available from ftp.xfree86.org.  When 
I ask you to do an all-debian install of Xfree86 3.3 in there I mean
the fonts packages, xbase, xserver-vga (yes, xserver-vga - which, by
the way, you can run on the Mystique 220 right now without downloading 
anything - you just can't get better than 640x480), and at least one
window manager (fvwm2 or fvwm95 are good ones to start with).

As a side note, my Mystique 220 showed odd behavior in text mode when
I first got it (characters would begin to drop or add pixels after a
while until the entire screen went black with white squares) until I
ran a (DOS-based) utility (downloaded from the Matrox site) to kick
the flash bios.  I pass this along to the list in case any has had
that (remarkably odd) problem.

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