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Re: NCPFS seems broken on 2.1 kernels...

In article <>,
Eloy A. Paris <peloy@ven.ra.rockwell.com> wrote:
>The problem is that upstream ncpfs-2.0.x and ncpfs-2.1.x are different
>packages and I don't know how to create a binary package (a .deb) from two
>different source packages.

Ah, that's easy. Just look at how I did it with NIS and how Peter Tobias
does it with the network packages:


Just include the 2 packages into one source package. You need to be
careful with the .orig directory though (keep everything in sync).

>Also, packages ncpfs and ncpfsx have lots of
>binaries, not just the ncpmount and ncpumount binaries, so this will add
>more complexity to these stub scripts.

Just use one stub script, link all the others to it:

#! /bin/sh

kver=`uname -r`
bin=`basename $0`
exec /usr/lib/ncpfs/${kver%.*}/$bin "$@"

That will execute /usr/lib/ncpfs/xxx/binary where xxx is 2.0, 2.1 or 2.2
(.. or 3.0, etc). Note the Posix ${kver%.*} expression to strip the minor
revision number.

That's supposing the names and basic functionality of the 2.0 and 2.1
series are the same, ofcourse.


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