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RE: xfmail 1.2p0-1 seg-faults

I have noticed that this version of xfmail does produce more segfaults
than earlier versions.  However, I have not had this trouble with new
mail (until one time this morning, of course).  I have not seen any
segfaults from folder changes.  I am using hamm.


On 08-Feb-98 Stefan Baums wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm running xfmail 1.2p0-1 under hamm (i.e., I think all the other packages
> which I think _might_ be relevant to this problem are from hamm). When xfmail
> has to deal with new mail (in this new version marked in pink) on startup (or
> even folder change (?)) it crashes with a Segmentation fault. When I restart
> it, the new mail is no longer considered new (and not pink anymore) and
> xfmail
> works fine (until the next new mail arrives, that is). Could this even be an
> upstream problem?
> Have a nice day,
> Stefan

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