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Re: Using mgetty automated callback, and the NO CARRIER message.

On 9 Feb 1998, Carey Evans wrote:

> Joost Kooij <kooij@mpn.cp.philips.com> writes:
> > However, with newer ppp's this no longer seems to be sufficient, as
> > apparently chat bails out if the DCD signal is gone. I have had to add
> > "AT&C0" to the modem init strings, to disable DCD signalling by the modem. 
> % man chat
> [...]
>        The  HANGUP  options control whether a modem hangup should
>        be considered as an error or not.  This option  is  useful
>        in  scripts  for  dialling  systems which will hang up and
>        call your system back.  The HANGUP options can  be  ON  or
>        OFF.
> Does this work?

I didn't know that one, but I'll look into it. It certainly looks much 
more elegant. Thanks!



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