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Re: UPS again

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.980206161946.24707H-100000@lookdown>, " Raymond A. Ingles" <inglesra@frc.com> writes:
> On 5 Feb 1998, William R Ward wrote:
>> Like a dummy, I bought a UPS without bothering to check if genpowerd
>> supports it (I don't think it does).  But before taking it back (I
>> believe I have a week to do so and it's real stormy now, so I'm glad
>> to have it anyway), I wanted to ask if anyone knew if I could do
>> anything with it.
>> I bought a MinuteMan 280 Pro UPS.  It looks like it has "smart"
>> features but does not come with a cable or software.  It is made by
>> Para Systems.  Is there any Linux software that'll talk to this beast?

>  The UPS-HOWTO has a lot of info about using a UPS under Linux. I'd check 
> there before returning it. I know that genpowerd is pretty flexible and 
> can be configured to support almost any UPS.

The UPS-HOWTO does not mention my brand.  I even did a web search and
found nothing, Linux or otherwise, about my UPS.


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