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Re: Matrox Millenum II under XFree86 [was: Which Linux distribution???]

> I'm having a little trouble with configuring my card.  I have the 250MHz
> type with 8 megs of ram..  anyhow, when I switch to another console and
> return, the screen is shifted about 5" and wrapped around the other side..
> Also, the X doesn't fill the screen correctly -- squished vertically and
> too wide horizontailly...  Any suggestions?

I should assume you are using Xfree86 packages from hamm, right?
(Since xfree86 3.3 found in bo does not have MMII support).
To fix the screen geometry use xvidtune program.
In case it still doesn't work the way you want, get X server from SuSE
web site http://www.suse.de/XSuSE/XSuSE_E.html

Alex Y. 
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