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Matrox Millenum II under XFree86 [was: Which Linux distribution???]

I'm having a little trouble with configuring my card.  I have the 250MHz
type with 8 megs of ram..  anyhow, when I switch to another console and
return, the screen is shifted about 5" and wrapped around the other side..
Also, the X doesn't fill the screen correctly -- squished vertically and
too wide horizontailly...  Any suggestions?

I have a Dell 17" monitor (D1728D-LS)

...I did try RedHat 5.0 and it detected the board and ran fine... but
there were many other issues way I when back to Debian..

Here is what SuperProbe -verbose outputs:

BIOS Base address = 0xC0000

Doing Super-VGA Probes...
        Probing WD...
        Probing Video7...
        Probing MX...
        Probing Genoa...
        Probing UMC...
        Probing Trident...
        Probing SiS...
        Probing Matrox...
Memory probe not supported for this chipset.

Doing Graphics CoProcessor Probes...
        Probing ATI_Mach...
        Probing 8514/A...
        Probing I128...
        Probing GLINT...

First video: Super-VGA
        Chipset: Matrox Millennium II (PCI Probed)
        RAMDAC:  TI ViewPoint3026 24-bit TrueColor DAC
        (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6-bit mode))

Paul Miller <paul@3dillusion.com>, finger for public PGP key

On Fri, 6 Feb 1998, Pedro Quaresma de Almeida wrote:

> >
> >What package is the Millenium II support under?  SVGA?
> >
> >Paul
> >
> Yes. The hamm (unstable) distribution of xbase+xserver-vga (Debian)
> has already the Millenium II option.
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