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Re: Summaries for /var/log log files.

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Are there any packages/programs/whatever that provide nice, readable
> summaries for the various logs in /var/log? Things along the lines of
> the daily Usenet summaries that inn produces, but for things
> such as apache, inetd, mail, the ip paranoia daemons, and so on and
> so forth.

Well it took me 5 minutes to assemble a perl script for ip paranoia
daemons, acting as a 'smart grep' and cutting useless information and
showing the important. It can be as easy for the others, I believe, but
now I don't have the time to create a nicely distributable (config file
driven at least) version. 

Just use 4-5 greps in a crontab entry, so the important output residue
will end up in your mailbox. 

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