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Re: Using mgetty automated callback, and the NO CARRIER message.

David Wright wrote:
> I have a chatscript to do callback, which looks like this.
> ABORT        BUSY
> ABORT        "NO CARRIER" <---------------------
> ABORT        VOICE
> ""           ATZ
> OK           ATL1
> OK           ATDT5551212
> ogin:        \qmagic-login-id\q
> RING         ata
> ogin:        ""
> The problem is that if I leave in the arrowed line, it won't work. When I 
> (or it) type magic-login-id, the other end hangs up so that it can call 
> me back, but my modem says NO CARRIER at this point, which aborts the 
> script. Is there a trick to avoid this. (If not, I guess I'll just have to 
> leave it out.)

I'm not sure of why this is..

> I thought the \q codes would prevent the secret callback username from 
> appearing in syslog, but it looks like this. Why?

Take out the trailing \q.. that turns the echo back on.

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