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Re: mac & linux

> hello everyone, I have installed debian on 486, 586.   was wondering if 
> you can install debian or any linux for that matter on a mac ii si?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Isn't the IIsi one of the ones with no coprocessor?

I used macbsd (www.macbsd.com) on a IIci for a few months (until the second 80mb drive stopped and there was a 486 on my desk anyway).

Also, there is a 68k linux project out there.  Roughly last summer, they got as far as machines attempting to allow logins.  It may very well be running by now.

However, if you have no coprocessor, fonts can become a nightmare.  The 68030 with coprocessor will compare, roughly, to a 486 at 1.5x the clock rate--at least if there is a cache on the 030 (or none on the 486).  I found the 486/33 and 030/25 painfully slow--measured in minutes--on fonts.  And for a while it was thought that Mosaic hung macbsd without a coprocessor.  RIght until someone started it and was interrupted, and came back to find that it had loaded.  It just took 15 minutes to do the fonts.  And since X is (at least was) single threaded, the whole interface hangs.

Anyway, if you do put it on there, make sure that you use xfs.  It won't speed things up, but it means that the display will come back to you, and you can do other things while it renders fonts.

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