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Re: User manager for X

Rob <kato@snakebite.com> writes:

> A while back a friend of mine showed me a Red Hat machine they were
> running at work.They had X setup, and there was some sort of user
> manager tool they had up there, which supposedly came with the system.
> It did all kinds of snappy things like add and remove users, allowing
> you to pick shells, and automatically setting up default config files
> for the selected shells.

There are some of these on sunsite, so you can install one in /usr/local/
if you want. www.linuxhq.com has a nice browser for sunsite.
> Anyone know what that was? Running anything similar?

IMHO, these tools are nice to look at, but not *that* usefull.

If you have many users, you need scripting abilities to masschange
something. I don't know any GUI usertool which can do this.

And most times, I manage my server using telnet, sometimes over a modom
link. So no way using a GUI.

These programms don't do more then you can do at the prompt.

adduser (*the* primary programm for usermanagement in debian; check the
         manpage )
chfn   - change the gecos field
chsh   - change the shell

And: If you know these commands, you can make a great impression on some
Redhat guys who think the GUI stuff they use is the only way (and who are
lost when they don't have X available) :-)


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