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Re: User manager for X

> A while back a friend of mine showed me a Red Hat machine they were
> running at work.They had X setup, and there was some sort of user
> manager tool they had up there, which supposedly came with the system.
> It did all kinds of snappy things like add and remove users, allowing
> you to pick shells, and automatically setting up default config files
> for the selected shells.
> Anyone know what that was? Running anything similar?

There is a configuration tool for Linux systems called "linuxconf" that is
supposed to be able to setup quite a few things. Might be worth checking
out. I've never used it myself and probably won't until I get to the stage
where I can configure my system blindfolded.

One thing about the snappy tools that has always bothered me is, how would
I manage if I had to setup a system without them?   Just count the number
of Windows users who say "What?" when you tell them to modify AUTOEXEC.BAT

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