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printer woes

i'm running debian hamm with all the latest files off the
ftp.debian.org/pub/dists/hamm directory.  lpr 5.9-21 and magic filter
1.2-17.  anyways, i have some problems.  my printer (hp deskjet 660c) will
not print at ALL after installing magic filter.  i've forced a new config
with no dice.

here is my dmesg | grep lp --

lp1 at 0x0378, (polling)
lp1 at 0x0378, (polling)

i have 2 of them PROBABLY because i'm using an iomega paralell port
pass-through (ppa and lp are both modules -- ppa is NOT loaded).  so lpt1
is lp1 and not lp0?  i've tried both (using the deskjet filter).

here is the error i get --

[jhonold] debian $ lpr totoro 
lpr: connect: No such file or directory
jobs queued, but cannot start daemon.

an irc.debian.org user claims to have experienced the same problem, but
couldn't recall how it was he fixed it.  prior to installing magic filter
my printer would PRINT, but not well.  the lines were off-center and it
would feed multiple blank pages.  any help would be appreciated!

justin honold

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