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Re: printer woes

justin honold wrote:

> i'm running debian hamm with all the latest files off the
> ftp.debian.org/pub/dists/hamm directory.  lpr 5.9-21 and magic filter
> 1.2-17.  anyways, i have some problems.  my printer (hp deskjet 660c) will
> not print at ALL after installing magic filter.  i've forced a new config
> with no dice.

I had the same problem (though I'm using lprng). The reason was, that the
printer daemon couldn't execute the installed filter program. It was owned
by root and belonged to root's group, 'rwx' permissions were only set for
the owner (ie root).
I solved it by "chgrp lp <filter-script>" and "chmod 774 <filter-script>".

Some of this may be caused by the umask setting of root: I'm using 077. I
don't know if this is a good idea or not, because I already had some trouble
with other installation scripts. Are there any opinions about that?

On the other hand, mailfilter should do this "chown root.lp" or
"chown lp.lp" itself! I hadn't time to check if this is already reported as

Well, I hope, this helps.



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